The Spring IT List

spring IT list - hot girl podcasts, face fog dewy treatment mist, naeo gummies, kayali, DS & durga

Hibernation’s over honey. If you loved January’s IT Girl toolkit then prepare for Calling’s Spring Break. 

The spring edit to transform mind, body and skin in preparation for daylight savings and a fresh perspective. 

#1 HOT GIRL WALKS. Revive afternoon energy with solo steps. Headphones on with your favourite playlist, audiobook or podcast. I’m currently loving these. And if you’re curious, my podcast episode with The Heart-Led Brand is out. I chat openly with Abbey about building Calling as a community-first brand.

#2 SPRING CLEANING. Refresh your wardrobe. Swap in lighter jackets, a crisp shirt and denim. Donate the pieces that you no longer enjoy wearing. Browse charity shops and vintage marketplaces to source items that align with your sense of style this year.

And for our Calling Girls who want to live out their organisational dream - digitise your wardrobe. The Whering app helps you make the most out of what you already own. Upload images of your wardrobe items to collate outfits and lookbooks. 

#3 LESS MAKEUP, STILL POLISHED. Choose fuss-free essentials to elevate your style. A fresh, clean manicure. Bouncy, soft glowing skin by misting Face Fog before makeup. A pinch of colour on the lips and cheeks. Spoiler alert: our new lip products will be launching this Spring. 👀 

#4 FEEL GOOD FROM THE INSIDE. Taking the time to cook yourself a balanced meal with fresh ingredients, selecting the right supplements, slowing down on the caffeine - these are all forms of self-care. What’s on my kitchen counter right now? I love the vegan naeo Digest Gummies with apple cider vinegar to improve digestion. 

#5 HOME IMPROVEMENTS. It’s the little things. Spruce your space with fresh flowers. Choose beautiful smelling cleaning products. Try scent boosters to elevate your laundry experience - who doesn’t want sheets that smell gorgeous? Light a candle that gives you that fresh start feeling but still cosy vibe. Something like DS & Durga’s Big Sur After Rain

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