The 6th Love Language

how to start prioritising yourself - the 6th love language

Giving the 90’s magazine quiz a makeover. Single, relationship or situationship - we’re often guided to think about our love language in terms of how we can serve others. But do you ever think about how you love yourself?

We’ve reframed the 5 love languages to focus on self-care, abundance and joy for yourself. Which of the following aligns most with the kind of love you need right now?

🤎 ACTS OF SERVICE - “You want to elevate your day with thoughtful moments that support you in becoming the best version of yourself.”

Do one thing that brings you closer to your personal goals. A solo walk with the podcast in your ears you’ve had bookmarked for weeks, a reformer pilates class or cosy up on the sofa with that book you’ve left hanging on chapter 2. These are acts of self-development.

Give yourself permission to plan your year, make that vision board and put "future you" first.

🕰️ QUALITY TIME - “You want to strengthen your connection with self, rediscover your rhythm and untangle your thoughts.”

Take yourself on a solo city date. Visit a museum or gallery, indulge in a passion project (pottery, painting or perhaps a cooking class?) followed by brunch at that new cafe you’ve been wanting to try. 

For deeper self-connection, settle into a consistent meditation routine. I love Superhuman App's perspective calling each session an activation. Listen whilst you're getting ready or sipping your morning coffee.

🎁 RECEIVING GIFTS - “You want to celebrate yourself and acknowledge your achievements.”

Treat yourself to something that makes you feel good. A new perfume, that gorgeous handbag you've been eyeing or our ultimate self-care duo (Face Fog + Head Hug) for some well-deserved skin TLC.

💬 WORDS OF AFFIRMATION - “You need to uplift your sense of self to feel confident and validated.”

Take 5 minutes a day to journal. Empty your thoughts onto a blank page and listen to your inner voice. She needs to be heard too. Acknowledge your achievements, the hurdles you’ve overcome, express gratitude and sink into that moment of contentment. 

🖐️ PHYSICAL TOUCH - “You seek comfort and grounding through touch”.

Practice self-massage. For the body, try foam rolling to ease muscle tension after a desk day. For the mind and skin - wear your cloud soft Head Hug headband and give yourself a Gua Sha facial massage to relax the face, de-puff and tone. Finish off with a spritz of Face Fog for soothing skin comfort.  

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