Finally, a clean beauty brand

that isn't just all talk.

Created from community-

not the other way around.

Unlike other beauty brands that release products and then build a community, ours was birthed from one; and we fiercely protect & prioritize the desires of the real, diverse women that inspired the creation of Calling.

  • AUTUMN 2018

    Conducted the first conversations with the women who would eventually become the foundation of our clean beauty brand.

  • SPRING 2019

    Gathered data from 150+ conversations about beauty with women and gave our brand its official name, Calling.

  • SPRING 2020

    Speaking of official… Calling

    became a corporation! We filed for our trademarks and started working on development.

  • FALL 2020

    Started working on development for our signature hydrating face mist.

  • SUMMER 2022

    Finalized the formula for Face Fog, to give you a fresher face on speed dial.

  • FALL 2022

    Began working with the London College of Fashion’s graduate students to devise a digital strategy.

  • WINTER 2022

    Entered the development stage to add four new products to our line of clean beauty must-haves.

  • SPRING 2023

    Face Fog is HERE! Shop now to experience all of the dew, with none of the grease. (It’s the perfect addition to your coveted beauty ritual.)

By putting women's

voices on speaker,

we create beauty

that listens.

Hi, I’m Sabah—Founder of Calling, the beauty brand dedicated to giving real women what they really want.

And what better way to do that than asking them exactly what it is that they’re searching for?

So, I picked up the phone and called them. 150 of them, to be precise.

This is what they said - and what we deliver.

Representation, for real.

Clear understanding of clean beauty.

Formulas developed with results in mind.

A supportive shopping experience.

The conversations that started it all.

We talked about everything from the euphoria of finding the right foundation shade, to the pure horror of department store lighting, to the healing nature of curating a beauty routine that becomes a ritual.

These discussions lasted for hours, as women from all over the world shared with me how much they longed for a beauty brand to simply get it; to understand exactly what real women are looking for to enhance their everyday lives.

Beauty, with purpose.

So, when I tell you that Calling puts the voices of our community on speaker, I’m not joking—that’s quite literally how this brand came to life.

We’re a community-birthed, communication-driven clean beauty brand that you can actually trust.

We’re dedicated to enhancing the personal wellness of every single woman we serve, by building the ultimate beauty comfort zone inspired by these raw conversations about beauty.

And we can’t wait for you to join the conversation.

No catfishing, no love bombing -

just clean beauty.

We’re all about open communication - which means we never over-promise or under-deliver. Not only because we don’t want to remind you of that Hinge match who ghosted, but because we genuinely care about ensuring that what you see is what you get - when it comes to our ingredients, and our intentions.

We’re responsive, not prescriptive.

We’re beauty that listens.

Ultimately, we’re all about building meaningful connections in a digital world.

  • Like a hug for your face.

    Everything about this makes my skin feel calm and happy. It helps with the stale, dry feeling you get a few hours after skincare or when makeup’s been on for too long. It refreshes my skin without feeling heavy or greasy. Smells great too!

    Sarah G.

    Oily, sensitive skin


  • My skin feels softer than ever.

    I was expecting the hydration and glow, but the softness of my skin after using this product really surprised me. Really soothing and helps skin texture.

    Hafsa K.

    Dry skin


  • Put it on before bed too and woke up with glowing skin.

    I don't usually like face oils, as I have oily skin. But this is easy to apply at the end of my nightly skincare routine and I wake up with skin that feels softer and looks more radiant. Instant favourite.

    Zuri A.

    Oily, acne-prone skin


  • The drink my skin didn't know it needed!

    I've never been a face mist user but this mist works so well under my face cream to lock in moisture. I'm constantly reaching for it throughout the day.

    Dawn H.

    Combination skin