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  • Like a hug for your face.

    Everything about this makes my skin feel calm and happy. It helps with the stale, dry feeling you get a few hours after skincare or when makeup’s been on for too long. It refreshes my skin without feeling heavy or greasy. Smells great too!

    Sarah G.

    Oily sensitive skin


  • The drink my skin didn't know it needed!

    I've never been a face mist user but this mist works so well under my face cream to lock in moisture. I'm constantly reaching for it throughout the day.

     Dawn H. 

    Combination skin


  • My skin feels softer than ever.

    I was expecting the hydration and glow, but the softness of my skin

    after using this product really surprised me. Really soothing

    and helps skin texture.

    Hafsa K.

    Dry skin


  • Put it on before bed too and woke up with glowing skin.

    I don't usually like face oils, as I have oily skin. But this is easy to apply at the end of my nightly skincare routine and I wake up with skin that feels softer and looks more radiant. Instant favourite.

    Zuri A.

    Oily, acne-prone skin


Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Lauren Shear
Miracle Product

What witchery is this? I was hesitant to try a pricy toner, especially with shipping, but this is so much better than a mere face mist! My face is both less oily and more moisturized - not shiny but velvety - and significantly calmer. I rarely get to describe myself as glowy, but this stuff did it! I hope the company expands into another couple products, because this formulation says you know what you're doing!

Carrie Pluves

Hey, the pump on the product didn’t work however the customer experience I received to fix the issue was perfect. So for that you get 5*. Love the mist too. 🤗

Katrineka N Croze-Harris

Lovely spray, smells great and feels fabulous


I ordered several bottles of face fog the day it was first released, intending on giving to my family and close friends, but I’ll be honest I didn’t give any of them away and just kept them for myself 🤣 I use this every day, whether it’s a make up free day, or as pre make up hydration, between layers of make up or at the end to give myself a healthy glow. It’s so versatile, feels so smooth and luxiorious and smells amazing. I’m coming to the end of my bottles and will be ordering again soon!


This review is wayyy over due but I need someone to explain to me what sorcery is used to make face fog because I’m convinced this stuff is magic! I’ve been using it for almost a year & I’m absolutely obsessed with this stuff, I never used face mists that much in the past because they were always too sticky or smelt chemically & I have acne prone skin. The only one I ever like and used regularly was the curel deep moisture spray but only when my skin was super dry and irritated. But this face mist is nothing like anything I’ve used. It’s refreshing, hydrating, moisturising and smells like a dream. It’s makes my skin look so glowy, dewy and plump without feeling heavy or making it look greasy. I’ll use this in the morning and my skin still looks fresh in the evening as if I just did applied it and that’s without reapplying during the day. It’s literally perfection in a bottle. I always order two at a time now because I panic when I run out. I need a full skincare set from calling ASAP.

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