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A Scorpio. A Ravenclaw. The friend who always carries a mini pharmacy in her purse. Forever re-watching Gilmore Girls.

To me, beauty is personal. Finding the right beauty product is like getting to the part of a 90’s romcom where you realise the main character is in love with their best friend, not the quarterback.

It’s about reliability, trust and whose jokes you laugh at. Where you feel your most comfortable.

Calling is a culmination of my time spent working at some of the most dynamic fashion & beauty companies. As well as, every single woman who has shared their beauty story with me along the way.

I remember the afternoon my grandmother first taught me to use eye kohl at 14, to being 16 and watching OG beauty tutorials on YouTube (hi, juicystar07!). I can pair a certain lipstick shade to a particular phase in my life, or remember the exact foundation I used at my sister’s wedding. Beauty helps us say something about who we are. What I’d like to know is: what do you have to say?

As a woman beauty can be complicated. It comes layered with implications, expectations and standards. We can change this.

My vision: create a beauty universe with soul. Conversation-derived, inclusive products that deliver on what they promise. No catfishing.

I am so happy you’re here because this is only the beginning.

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